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If you want to run your business successfully, you must keep
analyzing the processes to ensure efficiency in your operations.

If you want to run your business successfully, you must keep analyzing the processes to ensure efficiency in your operations. SWOT analysis allows you to assess the current position of your organization before making your next move.

SWOT Analysis
Constructive to achieving the Objective
  • Brand visibility across the platform
  • Top keywords. ads. and Landing Page based on KPI's
  • Keyword with score of 8 or more
  • Correct implementation of PLA/Google Shopping Campaign & Product Feeds
  • Search and Display Feature usage.
  • Strong Negative Keywords
  • Mobile Preferred Ads
  • Lowest Performing keywords, ads, & Landing Pages
  • Missing of display targeting & obvious keywords
  • Keywords with low score of 6 or less
  • Lack of mobile preferred ads strategy
  • Targeting all product through
  • Google Shopping Campaign
  • Lack Ads extensions
  • Product Feed errors
Injurious to achieving the Objective
  • Beta Test
  • New website coming to Google display network
  • Dramatic growth of Mobile usage
  • Add new strategic feature such as Google Shopping
  • Dramatic increase in Search volume such as Google. Bing. or Yahoo
  • New competitors
  • Editorial Ads policy changes
  • Changes in SERP'S design
  • Cornpetitors Increasing Paid Marketing Budget
  • Search engine changes in policy for privacy, Cookie usage, etc
  • Increased CPC cost due to new competitors entry

Campaign nurturing with VisionTech.

Nurture your campaigns and set up the right client funnel with strategies by our PPC experts

Bids and budget strategies

You don’t need to spend even if you are using PPC for marketing. In fact PPC is all about getting the right outcome within your budget. As a Boston PpC company we know several PPC bidding and budget strategies to make a PPC campaign successful without overspending your budget.

Outrank your competition

Assess your competition, optimize your product listing and kick start with your PPC campaign. Your industry and competitors' research is important to outrank your contemporaries and get your product on the top.

Negative keyword

Negative keywords are the type of keywords that your ad doesn’t show up for. If example you don’t want to show up when anyone searches anything with the word free, then you can add that as a negative keyword in your campaign and you won’t be showing up for that term.

Google shopping campaign

A well-crafted shopping campaign will help you put your offers right in front of your audience. Your audience will get exactly what they were looking for with your PPC campaign. Putting an ad will make them more responsive towards your product as you are likely to be seen amongst competitors.

Google search campaign

Whenever you want something you Google it right? Everyone does. How likely are you to click on a sponsored ad for the product you want? It is highly likely that you will click on that ad as it always is exactly what you are looking for. A Boston PPC company will help you do that with smart campaigns.

Google Display Campaign

Google display ads promote businesses when users are watching video on YouTube or checking the apps affiliated with Google like Gmail. The Google display ads is sure to attract your target audience and they are more likely to make a purchase if it is a well-timed ad campaign.

What does you business achieve with our PPC campaigns?.

There are many benefits to a PPC campaign. You need to decide what kind of benefit you want from a particular campaign.

Brand Awareness

With PPC campaigns we make sure we increase your brand awareness. The user will be shown what they wanted within their expectations.


Running a PpC campaign all over social media and search engines can not go unnoticed. It will drive you user-engagement and get people genuinely interested in your brand. We make sure the ads are creative and boosted to right audience to get the desired results.

Grow your Website Traffic

With our ad campaign we aim to drive higher traffic to your websites which will fetch you more leads and sales. We can use marketing tactics such as retargeting ads to recent website visitors to keep them in loop and remember your business.

More Conversions with our PPC campaigns

As a PPC agency in Boston we have handled successful PPC campaigns for brands. We can optimize your website to make sure your ads are displayed to the right audience which are likely to be converted into leads for your business.

Efficient Project Handling

With our PPC experts there are fewer chances of anything going wrong. They have experience in project management for our PPC clients and have successfully handled it with desired results.

Delight Customers With Quality Solutions

We always believe in delivering more than we promised. We want our customers to work with us again and again so our goal is to always deliver quality solutions for all of our customers' digital marketing needs. Make your mark with VisionTech today.

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